Extended Reality (XR) Platform

First tool for scalable mass data provision, processing & publication
(AR/VR/MR/3D & more)

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Extended Reality (XR) Platform

The ar2go, vr2go, XR2go Extended Reality (XR) Platform offers an automated transformation
of already existing 3D objects.
This new approach reduces the time and costs involved in creating behaviors,
which no longer have to be programmed individually.
The special ar2go editor enables the departments to edit without any programming knowledge.
The import of existing 3D models is also possible without any problems.

Bring your content to your customers

  • better presentations through animated content (videos, audios, PDFs)
  • browserbased processing with the ar2go CMS-system
  • fast editing of the content
  • 24/7 publication of the content

Present your technical designs in real time!

  • import of 3D models (many formats)
  • optimized display on mobile devices
  • protection of your data through immediate deletion of the original data after conversion

Make more of your static content!

  • interaction options through the ar2go editor
  • simple behavior control (node-based)
  • uncomplicated design of the user interface

Choose the right basis for flexibility according to your needs!

  • easy integration into production with RESTFul API
  • integrated tessellation of large 3D models
  • deletion of CAD data after conversion

Test our solution!

  • choose our client application on Google Play Store and the App Store
  • experiment with our demo content and explore the various possibilities
  • register for your own test project* and upload your own content

* The possibilities of the regular version go beyond those of this test variant.



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ar2go Extended Reality (XR) Platform

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